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Choosing a bassoon bocal is an esoteric and personal choice. Two crooks of the same dimensions and material can offer different playing characteristics. We can attempt to say that X in manufacture offers Y as a playing response, but there are so many variables - and we all value different playing qualities. How the crook responds - musically - can only be judged by playing it. This is good news, as it means that you can select the crook that has your favoured qualities.

The best way to know whether you like a crook is to test it. Get in touch, and arrange to come to the workshop to play as many crooks as you like.

Over time, I hope to expand the range of different crook models, pitches, bends, materials and thicknesses. Please contact me if you wish to work on an a new idea, or if you have custom requirements.
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  • Gilmour Bassoon Crook

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